Everything you need to know about investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies. Plus, step-by-step guides, tutorials and how-to videos.
Bitcoin - Crypto for Beginners Course - Blooming My Money Coach - BLOOMING UMOREN
Crypto for Beginners Course - Blooming My Money Coach - BLOOMING UMOREN


Personalized one-on-one coaching on everthing you need to do before you buy your first crypto, how and where to buystore and secure your crypto investments.

The goal of this course is to make the process of investing in crypto as easy as possible for you. I know investing in crypto seems intimidating, confusing and overwhelming, but not to worry at the end of this course, you’ll go from novice to investing in crypto with confidence! 

The crypto for beginners course is designed for everyone, everywhere.
30 minutes per lesson. This is a 10-series multi-step lessons crypto course.
Step-by-step guides, one-on-one sessions, tutorials and how-to videos.

COURSECrypto for Beginners

This course is for anyone who wants to know how to invest in cryptocurrencies. In this multi-step crypto course, you'll go from novice to building your long term wealth with confidence!

The crypto for beginners course is tailored to walk you through the basics of crypto investing including how to manage and grow your own crypto investments over time effortlessly.
Basics of Crypto Investing Explained
How & Where To Buy Crypto
How To Safeguard Your Crypto Investments
Smart Strategies To Grow Your Crypto Portfolio


A simple 10-series multi-step lessons that is designed to walk you through how to get started with investing in cryptocurrency effortlessly. At the end of this crypto for beginners course, you’ll go from novice to investing in crypto with confidence!

Lesson 1: Crypto 101

Before investing your money into crypto, it’s essential to learn and understand the fundamentals of investing in crypto including how money works, blockchain, security and much more! After this lesson, you’ll know the basic do’s and don’ts of crypto investing

Lesson 2: Before Investing

In this class, you’ll learn step-by-step what you need to do before buying your first Bitcoin or crypto. In this lesson, you’ll learn and understand what you need to do to ensure the safety and security of your investments. e.g. e-mail security, passwords, sim swapping and much more!

Lesson 3: Crypto Wallets

Crypto is one of the easiest assets to steal and it’s important to understand how to protect and store it safely and securely. This lesson is designed to walk you through the fundamentals of keeping your crypto safe including the types of crypto wallets and the best crypto wallet to store your digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins and tokens.

Lesson 4: Crypto Exchanges

What is a crypto exchange? With over 500+ crypto exchanges worldwide, it’s essential to learn the importance of selecting multiple well-established crypto exchanges that best suit your investing goals. Find out in this crypto class.

Lesson 5: Fund Your Account

Step-by-step guide on how to fund your crypto wallet. You'll learn how to transfer money from your bank account safely into your crypto account within minutes, including do's and don'ts of funding your crypto account.

Lesson 6: How To Buy Bitcoin

This is the easiest part of investing in crypto. You can buy any coin within minutes. This lesson is a step-by-step guide on how to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoins.

Lesson 7: Safeguard Your Crypto

Learn how to protect and store your crypto investments. This lesson will walk you through how to transfer your crypto investments safely to your crypto wallet.

Lesson 8: Crypto Resources

Go to resources and tools to stay up to date with the crypto market.

Lesson 9: Build Your Crypto Portfolio

With over 20,000+ coins & tokens to choose from, this can be quite confusing and overwhelming. In this course, you'll learn the building blocks of building a solid investment crypto portfolio including how to evaluate which crypto to buy and avoid.

Lesson 10: Grow Your Crypto Portfolio

For this session, I’ll show you step-by-step how to manage your crypto investments and steadily grow your portfolio over time. In this course, I’ll show smart ways to grow your investments so you can start building your wealth consistently and confidently over time!


”I will like to thank you for explaining this like a teacher … step by step like you’re teaching a 5 year old! Perfect! This is what I needed to see! Thank you so much! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾”


”Thanks a lot Blooming Umoren. You made it seem so easy and secure. Finally I could transfer my ADA into my ledger nano X. Awesome work!.”


Thank you so much for your videos. You have guided me so effortlessly to buying on binance. :).

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